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latino literacy now award winner connie reza

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October 2008
Ten Ways to Help Your Child Grow Brain Connections
By Connie Reza
  1. Visit the library or museum. Join a summer reading programs or camps.
  2. Read to your child 3 times or more times a week for 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. Visit the zoo. Identify and research an animal.
  4. Watch a movie. Identify the characters, theme, setting, conflict, plot, resolution
  5. Involve the child in household activities.
    • Cooking (measuring, mixing, reading recipes)
    • Cleaning (laundry, dishes, vacuuming).
    • Organizing (closets, shelves, toys (sort and classify).
    • Shopping (groceries, clothes, household items).
    • Paying bills (post office, bank, light company)
  6. Play board games.
  7. Take nature walks to observe birds, habitats, plants, insects, etc.
  8. Join sport activities.
  9. Visit ethnic restaurants, shopping centers, celebrations
  10. Volunteer with your child to care for a pet, water plants, pick-up mail or newspaper.

News Update!

Today, CM Educate continues to train teachers implement brain-based learning strategies and collaborative environments for all children ages three to seven. In 2007, CM Educate delivered training to 47 teachers and impacted 1,034 children in the Houston area. In addition, $7,900 was spent to purchase consumables that facilitated the delivery of thirty-seven units by these teachers and $42,242.00 was awarded to teachers who met requirements for the CONNIE Grant Award.

CM Educate continues to expand its knowledge base by projecting full implementation of the CONNIE Model in seven urban early childhood centers beginning academic school year 2008 and ending 2012. Approximately 10,168 high risk children will be affected by this project in the course of four years.

Media & News Releases

July 27, 2008 KSBJ 89.3 radio interviews Connie Reza, Dr. Martha Diaz, Barbara Turner and Leslie Gauna

January 25, 2008 The CONNIE Model is redefining science teaching and learning in…


Cheers to Bank of River Oaks, El Patron Western Wear and Mr. & Mrs. Polak for your generous donation to CM Educate.

Cheers to Printing-X-Press for printing donation of 2000 CM Educate brochures: www.printing-x-press.com

Cheers to Mei Chang for graphic design donation of CM Educate brochure: www.blackteacafe.com

Cheers to Mr. Daran Landry, Vice President and Banking Manager of Sterling Bank Memorial for organizing a seminar at his facility on our behalf to increase our potential lead base.

Cheers to Ms. Juanita Gonzales, Vice President and Manager of Sterling Bank Heights for holding a parent training on how the brain learns in early childhood.

Cheers to Halpin ECC parents. The culminating activity for our unit on Space Travel was a big success. Learning about Robots and their function was fun for everyone, especially our parents.

Cheers to all or Partners in Education for donations, time, professional advice, ideas, and words of encouragement. It takes a village to educate our children and you are a big part of it.

Girl with Henna - C&M Educate

Meet our pet chicken Henna. Born May 2007 at Halpin Early Childhood Center science lab incubator. Henna was born with severe handicaps. But with lots of tender loving care she grew up to become a beautiful hen. Amy enjoys playing with her and watching her lay eggs on the family room couch.